Our provided products are primarily fabricated in Europe. Qualified personell and the latest technologies enable us to offer you high quality products to very favorable prices compared to those of the original parts.

AGRO-STAR provides the high grade alternative to the original spare parts and to those unavailable as original parts.

Our spare parts for grape harvesters are also produced in Europe to achieve our assumed high quality standards.

All parts are constantly improved by constructing engineers in order to achieve the highest quality levels. Some combine harvester spare parts for example are partly enforced before they are galvanized or powder coated to assure a durability that outclasses the original parts. The long-term use of the parts and the high level of our customer satisfaction confirm the high stability of the offered combine harvester spare parts.

The example pictures below show that all details necessary for an easy exchange and assembly are existent. The parts match the original parts as all original manufacturers details have been taken into consideration and improved.

We provide you with almost any sieve you require. AGRO-STAR is also able to manufacture parts on your drawing. Therefore we can offer you single unit production sieves for your rare combine or oldtimer combine harvester as well.

Lamellensieb mit BefestigungenLamella sieve with attachment detail

VerstellmechanismusAdaption mechanism
Lamellensieb komplettLamella sieve total view
endsiebSieve extension
FührungszapfenGuide cone